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NFT Masterpieces
of Puerto Rico

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Greetings humanity!


   My name is Xavier Cruz Pagán, an Industrial Designer, Engineer and 3D specialist who worked as a featured artisan in a souvenir shop. I remembered consistently working on creating crafts using a laser machine to elaborate relief pieces of iconic places in Puerto Rico. As technology advances and accelerates to the blockchain universe, I realized and decided that it is time to leave a legacy of crafted three-dimensional art pieces that people will be enchanted and mesmerized by the details and the way these masterpieces are presented. I am honored to show you my collection of NFT pieces of Puerto Rican history baptized with the name BoriPieces. It will consist of iconic places and typical situations that BORICUAS can relate and enjoy. I hope these pieces are to your liking and become part of the history of mankind.


This were my original crafted pieces made of cardboard, paper and paint.


 3D NFTs of iconic places of Puerto Rico  



1 EDITION / 0.111 ETH

Original colors of the Puerto Rican flag and a piece of the National Anthem. Always a proud and emotional moment.


1 EDITION / 0.111 ETH

Black version that symbolizes the disappointment and pain of the people during times of uncertainty and corruption in the country. The nations choruses demanding justice for the way they treated us like a nation with no voice or vote and the screams of joy for achieving the resignation of a governor for the first time in the political history of our island.


1 EDITION / 0.111 ETH

Bathes in gold to celebrate the first time that Puerto Rico wins a gold medal in the Olympics.


1 EDITION / 0.111 ETH

As the iconic door of the flag is unique and represents pride for Puerto Ricans, there is also a unique and proud community that also represents us in any corner of the planet. This community is the LGBT.


1 EDITION / 0.111 ETH

The latest version of the door of the Puerto Rican flag paying homage to one of the issues that has always created controversy, but today it is out of that taboo and is being more accepted and adopted in society for its benefits and effects in human health. It is called "Jourlling", just because it is a journey in wich you fly high and enjoy the moment chilling in your surrounding.

stay tuned for more...